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How to create a fade block

20.5.2. How to create a fade block

So you have seen this cool fade effect on a site and you decided to incorporate it in a PHP-Nuke block on your site too? I mean that effect that makes the image fade gradually away, when you pass over it with the mouse cursor - and comes again gradually back the next time you revisit it with the mouse cursor. Before you plunge into this, consider that it is just an effect - and one that will work only with Internet Explorer. If you still feel you must have it, here is the PHP-Nuke block that demonstrates this fade effect:

if (eregi("block-Fade.php",$PHP_SELF)) {
Header("Location: index.php");
$content .= "<script> \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "/* \n";
$content .= "Gradual-Highlight Image Script II- \n";
$content .= "By J. Mark Birenbaum ( \n";
$content .= "Permission granted to to feature script in archive \n";
$content .= "For full source to script, visit \n";
$content .= "*/ \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "nereidFadeObjects = new Object(); \n";
$content .= "nereidFadeTimers = new Object(); \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "/* object - image to be faded (actual object, not name); \n";
$content .= "* destop - destination transparency level (ie 80, for mostly solid) \n";
$content .= "* rate - time in milliseconds between trasparency changes (best under 100) \n";
$content .= "* delta - amount of change each time (ie 5, for 5% change in transparency) \n";
$content .= "*/ \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "function nereidFade(object, destOp, rate, delta){ \n";
$content .= "if (!document.all) \n";
$content .= "return \n";
$content .= "if (object != \"[object]\"){ //do this so I can take a string too \n";
$content .= "setTimeout(\"nereidFade(\"+object+\",\"+destOp+\",\"+rate+\",\"+delta+\")\",0); \n";
$content .= "return; \n";
$content .= "} \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "clearTimeout(nereidFadeTimers[object.sourceIndex]); \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "diff = destOp-object.filters.alpha.opacity; \n";
$content .= "direction = 1; \n";
$content .= "if (object.filters.alpha.opacity > destOp){ \n";
$content .= "direction = -1; \n";
$content .= "} \n";
$content .= "delta=Math.min(direction*diff,delta); \n";
$content .= "object.filters.alpha.opacity+=direction*delta; \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "if (object.filters.alpha.opacity != destOp){ \n";
$content .= "nereidFadeObjects[object.sourceIndex]=object; \n";
$content .= "nereidFadeTimers[object.sourceIndex]=setTimeout
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "} \n";
$content .= "} \n";
$content .= "\n";
$content .= "</script> \n";
$content .= "<center><img src=\"images/xxx.png\" 
style=\"filter:alpha(opacity=10)\" onmouseover=\"nereidFade(this,100,30,5)\"

This is an adaptation of the Dynamic Highlight II Script, by J Mark Birenbaum, that just appends the Javascript code in the $content variable of a PHP-Nuke block. You can adjust some parameters, such as the transparency level, the time between trasparency changes and amount of change each time - see the comments in the script's code. You should of course at least adapt the image source file (images/xxx.png in the code) to your situation.

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