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Protector module

8.3.7. Protector module

The Protector System gives you "high level" logs of session activity on your PHP-Nuke site. But not only this - it can be effectively used to ban IP addresses and users:

  • Possibility to add a single IP or a whole range.

  • Logging of ALL IP(s) that hit your PHP-Nuke site.

  • If a member joins the site the logger fetches the username and stores it with their IP. (Otherwise the IP gets the username Anonymous)

  • If a member IP changes the new IP will be stored with their username

  • Logging of the real IP not just the proxy IP if that is the case.

  • Search function (with wildcards *) after the logged IP and user name. And sort order.

  • Protection of your IP is done when you first install this system. That means that no one can ban that IP.

  • As head admin (GOD) you can add several protected IP(s) in the Admin Panel. All other admins just see personal settings where they can change total amount of row they want to display in the banned & locate IP panels.

  • Automaticallyupdate the date of a logged IP so that you can see when a particular IP or user was on your site.

  • You can dns/trace/ping and more after you query the IP with the query tool that I have implemented.

  • It is totally themes integrated system.

  • Security check so that you can't ban yourself (the IP you currently use when your in the admin panel) or protected IP.

  • Double check so that there is no banning or logging of the same information twice.

  • If a banned member is banned and they change their IP. The system will check the banned database and compare if the username(s) match. If it does a new row with the new IP and same username is added in the ban list. So they are banned again automatically with the new IP.

  • Counts on how many times a banned user is trying to reach the site.

  • Possibility to instantly ban people from your list with logged IP.

  • You can of course un-ban IP numbers.

  • Very simple to install, The Ban System will create all needed tables for the MySQL Database on the first run.

  • As Forum admin can you reach the Edit User Function from the "Locate Panel". Also, a direct link to the public user information is there.

  • In the Locate panel there are 4 different images close to the IP number.

    1. A Green dot indicates that the IP is just logged.

    2. A Red dot indicates that IP is banned.

    3. A Star indicates that this IP number is the IP you are currently using.

    4. A blinking computer gif indicates if that logged user/IP is online.

  • A small stat page where you can see some stats on the Ban Protector System.

  • Anti hammering protection system.

  • Special Notes to each logged IP is possible.

  • Close the site function. Only admins are able to be on the site when active.

  • When a user attempts to access the admin page a note is added to their IP to warn you of potential hackers.

  • An auto pruning system to prune logged IP addresses set from the maintenance panel.

  • Grant access to the Ban System for your (admin) users who are not a "super user".

  • Auto Protect your IP if you logon using another pc with your user name and the old IP will be replaced with the new one until you logon again then your IP will be replaced again.

  • Optimize and repair the tables in the Protector System to reclaim the unused space and to de-fragment the data file or if you get errors.

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