Hats off to PHP-Nuke - Many Great Modules!
Date: Wednesday, December 28 @ 16:17:28 CET
Topic: PHP-Nuke

PHP-Nuke is an awesome tool!

As I write this, I have Internet TV open thru one of my sites (www.CafeWire.com) streaming JC-TV, and am monitoring my own live chat room – made possible with SPChat. Prior to writing, I had checked out what was going on in My News Page, which is the MyHeadlines Module where I have customized my own news and stock feeds that are important to me – and thanks to the flexibility of the MyHeadlines module, members of the site can do the same!

Two years ago, I created my most highly trafficked site, www.HomeCulinaryJournal.com – I mean hey - it makes perfect since – we all need to eat! At this site, I have really leveraged the Amazon Module to support articles that I have written for this site to review products. The Amazon Module has also created more content for search engines to return. The other module that has really made this site work is the Recipe module. With the Recipe module, users of the site can submit, request, rate, and comment about recipes.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of programmers from all over the world, we are all empowered to create great websites!

If anyone has any questions about any of the blocks/modules featured at these sites, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help!

Modules used at these two sites:

pnFlashGames (vip version)
Shout Box!
Internet Radio
Internet TV
Buddy List/ Instant Messenger

… and all of the great functionality built into PHP-Nuke!

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